Today I woke up and had completely forgotten about March 8th. As I am sipping my coffee and checking my social media feeds (this is my morning routine), I started seeing some amazing posts on the International Women’s Day.

I instantly felt an urge to put something together to share. Out of luck, I had just finished the third piece on my feminist art series so I went down to my studio to photograph it and add the last image to this collection. 

Some people have a hard time understanding what this day is all about. Being a woman and coming from a country that is extremely “machista” I just feel the need to make a point, and expose those ideas through my art.

This is my voice! And I hope to help bring awareness to the issues we all suffer because (sorry for the lack of words here) we don’t have a dick. I have been abused more then I could say. I fight for respect. I fight for equal rights.

So, I have made prints available on this series and I am going to give 10% of the profits to a women’s right institution (yet to be decided, so feel free to suggest).

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