For the 3rd time straight I have been selected to exhibit my art the the Town Hall of Mount Pleasant. During this rotation I am showing 3 new paintings.

The new Program is set to exchange the art every quarter, all over the hallways at the new Town Hall building. I am honored to have been on this program since it was only ONE painting selected to exhibit at the Mayor Will Haynie’s Office.

Now I share the joy alongside many other artists, including my student – David Harrison – who is venturing from his watercolors to oils in my class.

We had a small reception last Friday, April 26th and Mr. Mayor was there to take pictures and show his appreciation for us being there. I forgot to ask for pictures with my phone so I’ll update the photos after they send me the official material.

Big THANKS to Nicole Harvey and her team for putting the Art’s program together.

Ravenel Bridge came home. Angel Oak Triptych was hung on its place, at the first floor. Prime location.

The other two pieces are hanging on the second floor.

Hamlin Creek, 20×16″ oil.

This piece has been awarded last month, by Robert Lange at the Charleston Artists Guild member exhibit. I love this baby and I am almost happy it has not sold yet.

Self-Portrait at Laurel Hill Park, 24×48″ oil. First time on public display!

It is very nice to be recognized with my art, specially being a foreigner and so new in town. I feel like Mount Pleasant has welcomed me with open arms.

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