Featured show by Brazilian artist Fer Caggiano
Location: Lowcountry Artists Gallery, 148 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC
When: September 1-30, 2019
Reception: September 13th, 5-8pm

10% of profits are being donated to a reforestation project in Brazil

Saudade is a show inspired by the artist’s home country: Brazil. For this show Fer has decided to share the beauty of Brazil in all it’s bold colors and vibrant energy. The art will be displayed the entire month of September at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery.

The word “saudade” is a unique Portuguese word with no direct translation in any other language. In Portuguese it’s translated as the feeling of missing or longing for something one is fond of.

The reception was held last Friday, with a week delay due to hurricane Dorian. Enjoy some photos:

Fer Caggiano has been a resident of the Lowcountry for over 2 years, exploring the local scenery as a main source of inspiration. For more information on Fer Caggiano’s art visit:

Contact Fer Caggiano at or 843-743-1436.

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