It is not everyday that an artist like me gets to be curated into a museum show. I don’t go out applying for all that many competitions but I was actually approached by the curator after she saw my instagram account, so I applied.

The show is based on art inspired by the 9 Muses from Mythology and considering I didn’t have time to actually paint for the show, I decided to enter with one of my living muses, part of my Like a Girl Project.

And I got juried in! I am so proud of Janet, my muse, for she is truly an inspiration and I think she is so strong and fit to be showing at a museum! I feel honoured to have my art selected for this beautiful show.

I am only sorry I couldn’t make it to the reception due to distance, but they were kind enough to send me photos. They had about 200 people coming through during the 2 hours of the reception, a great turn around.

Also, there is a people’s choice award and you can vote (hopefully for me) here.

The exhibition will run from October 18th to December 1st, 2019. Visit the museum website for more information.

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