Handwritten notecards are old fashioned and a tradition that is slowly dying, as we embrace technology more each day. It is so easy and way cheaper to shoot a text or email, send an Evite or create a Facebook event. So why should we bother?

Last year I decided to ask for my friends addresses, and I sent a simple Christmas card with a personal note. I had friends that literally cried when they got them. They were so touched I took the time to do it. It was a simple gesture that shows someone you truly care about them.

In a world where our social life has become social media, that old fashion personal touch means a lot.

Here are a few other things I recommend doing to nourish your dear ones:

Invite them to meet for a cup of coffee.

Have a real “one-on-one” get together, put your electronics away and give them full attention.

LISTEN when they talk.

Give hugs. It can be so healing!

Be kind. You can always be kind.

Rejoice from other’s accomplishments.

Wish for happiness to all beings.

I love you all!


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