Sharing is Caring

I have recently given an interview that inspired me to resume an old idea of sharing my stories. People seem to always be fascinated by my life story and I think it is time to share it to the world. I mean, if not for the benefit and inspiration to some people, maybe just for … Continue reading Sharing is Caring

Women’s Day

Today I woke up and had completely forgotten about March 8th. As I am sipping my coffee and checking my social media feeds (this is my morning routine), I started seeing some amazing posts on the International Women’s Day. I instantly felt an urge to put something together to share. Out of luck, I had just … Continue reading Women’s Day

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you take a quick look at my artist statement you will see that my number one priority is to make my clients happy. Seeing that sparkle in their eyes is what motivates me to work! This is why I happily offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I am confident I can deliver on that promise because … Continue reading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee